Fraser Brumley

A PS1 Style demake of the first level of Dead Space
Seven small games developed during Melbournes covid lockdown.
Chill Vibes Only Zone
As you fall into the blackhole reality glitches around you...
Swim around an underwater canyon as everyone's favourite sea animal the SQUD
An endless highway ride after sunset where you bump along to music.
Smashing your face into untempered glass to own your boss
Some cute animals teach you how to cook.
Run around the record to get it to the right speed then soak in the vibes with your best friend who is a toad.
Eric always wanted to be a c̙̭͇͔͖̺̬͒̃̀͆͟ͅa̞̼̔̈́̀r̮̠͓ͨ̃̊̚͞.
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Restore infrastructure to a land of urban decay.
It's raining and your internet is dying
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It's midnight and its still 30 degrees outside. Cool yourself down so you can get enough sleep for tomorrow.
A game prototype about slimes that eat each other and grow bigger.