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Updated 11 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorFraser Brumley
Tags3D, Crime, First-Person, Funny, heist, Physics, Short, Unity


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HeistGame_v1_2 Windows.zip 91 MB
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Heist is a unique and comical game about looting everything and breaking stuff. One that’s easy to learn but tricky to master. By everything I mean literally anything that’s not part of the building foundations! Benches, sinks and pot plants are just some of the objects you’ll be flinging around as you try and cash in on time.

You’ll often find that it’s sometimes quicker to score by breaking through a window than it is to run to the doorway.

The attention to detail is fantastic to, no glass pane breaks the same way twice and every shard has its own physics and weight. The graphics are reminiscent of Pixar models and the music has an Jazzy Noire vibe to it.

The physics are realistic with just that bit of a whimsical edge. There are a couple of related “glitches” such as flying on a table your holding, that were left in deliberately to add to the strategic options and humour.

You learn a little bit more with each subsequent run and start to chase that elusive score even more. In latter playthroughs you’ll find the game swaps from a Zen experience to a frantic one. Trying to plan the fastest route through the various treasure zones whilst making smashing improvised exits.

At the time of writing this gem was criminally underpriced (I’d be willing to part with $10 for it).