A downloadable game for Windows

"Forget about shooting them in the body, you gotta cut off the limbs. Grab a cutter anything like that. Cut them apart!"


Dead Space Demake has everything you want and more, from necromorph limb dismemberment to affine texture mapping errors. 

You've played Dead Space (2008) and you've played Dead Space (2023) it's time to soak in the horrid vibes of Dead Space (1998)


Thanks for waiting! I've been working on this for a lot longer than I planned and the end product is probably shorter than you expect but I hope you have fun playing it. This project was mostly a way for me to learn Unreal and the PS1 aesthetic so look forward to what I'll be putting together in the future.


The updated version changes some settings to make the PS1 effects more noticeable. It also has an FPS lock that can be set to 60 or 25. The FPS lock should fix the problem some people had with not being able to move. The 25 FPS lock will fix the problem of the game feeling too smooth by recreating the feel of playing a game made by an overambitious development team trying to wring as much detail out of an aging console.


PC Controls:

Movement: WASD
Camera: Mouse
Aim: Right Mouse Button
Fire: Left Mouse Button
Secondary Fire: Middle Mouse Button
Stasis: Q
Inventory: TAB
Use Health Pack: Space
Interact: F
Reload: R
Menu: Escape

Gamepad Controls

Movement: Left Analog Stick
Camera: Right Analog Stick
Aim: Left Trigger
Fire: Right Trigger
Secondary Fire: Right Shoulder Button
Stasis: Left Face Button (While aiming)
Inventory: Top Face Button
Use Health Pack: Left Face Button (When not aiming)
Interact: Bottom Face Button (When not aiming)
Reload: Bottom Face Button (While Aiming)
Menu: Start


If you enjoy my work consider donating to help me make more cool stuff: https://ko-fi.com/brumley53


DeadSpaceDemake 209 MB

Development log


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it would be awesome to see this running on a real ps1 or 2! I don’t know if it is extremely hard or even possible, but that would be amazing

Dead space es mi juego favorito y lo que lograste aquí me pareció fantástico. Muy recomendado!

Is there a way to invert the y axis?

Very good demake really like what you did and wish there was more to it.  


The demake is very well done with its style and well-achieved gameplay; just like the original. I have a question: Is the game still in development or is it taking a hiatus?

Demakes are always cute. I do think your idea of what 1998 graphics were is a bit skewed, but this is super cute! Loved how you handled the cutscenes. Only real feedback I have is to maybe actually match the PC controls for Dead Space for mouse/keyboard.

Man I really wish this was longer I loved playing it

Amazing looking forward to play more of your games

I had a lot of fun with this!!!

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im downloading this game right now, i heard this game was great, and by the way dont let the haters go in youre way, keep it up


God if only this was a full game. Massive props this is great.


need c++

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it's a game


It's a very game for sure.

Great Work! Just played through the whole thing. Wish it was longer because it is very fun.


We had great fun with this, Thanks :D
Such a shame it's a small snippet of the game and not more!


Nothing New Nothing Original just a damn Copy of Popular Horror game what a lazy developer .....is making something new a fresh idea so much too ask ??? 


Pay me and I'll do it.


i made highly original game with 2$ ,and even now i am making a black metal game with 5$ you just find excuse and if you know where to look there are so many free models and sounds and other stuff !

Did nobody give money to your ko-fi?

A couple. I put it up a fair bit after I released the demake though so it didn't get a tonne of attention.


original =/= good. this is a love letter to a time and a game  and is clearly a passion project from the dev - who isn't even charging for it. two things -
1 if youre a dev, you should lift up other devs who are trying their best instead of trying to tear them down.
2 -let go of your anger dude. its not a good look and its not going to get you where you want to go. 


why are you defending him,he can do it himself and also i would support him if he made original idea ,but for copycats no respect or support !


why are you so mad at him? If you don't like his work, just leave, you don't have to play


Nothing original, just another entitled person on the internet.

and even the creator would be nice to have a save point


It's the best demake type thing I've tried. This style makes it scarier than the original thing. Its vibe is just really good and well done. A save/savepoint would be nice, though.

Great game, but can break the game if you close the door of the second elevator and walk out of it.


I had a great time playing it, those graphic are super cool. Those necromorphs  were freaky.

Any way to play it on android with controller?

loved it 10/10

Great Experience even just a tidbit of the whole game.

I never got to play the real game, sadly


Fantastic Experience, feels great to play and nostalgic. Keep up the great work. Sound effects on point too!!  

i was wondering if theres a work around to inverting the look vertically, please... im an old head that grew up on flight sims needs a hand!!!

Any advice getting a Switch Pro controller working? Tried Big Picture mode on Steam and everything worked but the left analog stick. DS4Windows didn't work at all.

Nice  game. Can I play also on Anbernic ??

loved it 5/5




I really enjoyed this version of dead swpace you did a really good job making this demake version of the game!  Here's my let's play for it! 

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Why can't I see anything?, everything is very dark is there any solution i really want to play this great game

 *in Patrick's voice*  "I love you... "

dead race


An amazing PS1 de-make of Dead Space. Super awesome and scary experience! ^_^

Very good job, love it


very fun to play these games in the demake version

gameplay pt-br

Having some trouble with my Switch Pro Controller, I can look around with the right analogue stick but no movement on left?


IT IS FUCKING CRAZY it feels like it was really made in early 2000 or sooner, i havent played much because i get scared but its supe cool, as i say it actually feels like a ps1 game, not because of the low poly aestethic but for the way it is built, amazing work

yes it is supe coo

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