New Level: Jewellery Store

Heist Game's been out for almost a year now but while it cost $1 to buy it went mostly unseen. Since making it free in early June it's shot up in downloads with almost 100 downloads a day at the peak. This spike in attention got me interested in working on Heist Game again so over the last few weeks I've been building a new level. It's set in a jewellery store and while it's not too different from the bank level it plays a bit more on the player knowing how the mechanics work. I haven't really stepped up the challenge in the level because I'm not really interested in how good players are at my games instead I just want them to enjoy the act of doing the absurd things I think are fun and I think this level will show off a similar but slightly different way of interacting than the original bank level. 

To all the 800+ people who have already played my game thank you so much and I hope you come back to play the new level and to all those who haven't played it I hope you decide to try it and I hope you have a good time.

Lastly if you're interested in following my work  you can follow me here:


HeistGame_v1_3 108 MB
Aug 08, 2019
HeistGame_v1_3 113 MB
Aug 08, 2019
HeistGame_v1_3 128 MB
Aug 08, 2019

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Fantastic work!

<3 the new level.