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This is awesome! I wish it was a little longer but that's because I'm selfish. I'm sure this was a ton of work. I noticed you left the ALS debug camera on but maybe it's intentional? 

Thanks for making games!


you forgot to cap your fps

Would you be able to make it an apk for Android?   I'm really interested in playing this but keep having driver issues.  

i really enjoyed this! streamed it to my friend and we had fun. though i will say the reload button and secondary fire button would sometimes break. but other than that, great experience. great stuff!! 10/10 :] 


Loved how you made this look and feel, really fun little project

No stomp? Really cool but no stomp?

Heard somebody talk about it at school today so I decided to play it, good demake


Amazing Demake, I'm hoping to see the full game like this :D. Trying to hit 1000 by august.

this game gave me lots of scares i didn't expect, kudos :)

This game is so good I had to repost it on my other channel.


first bloodborne an now ths? we dont deserve indie devs man,

I really liked it i imagined myself sitting on the floor again with a ps2 and popping in a disc of dead space wish there was a quick save though.i dont like having to start again


Very good demake. Great work! 


It's delightful! It's sad that it's not possible to play it on the original Playstation 1. I would have loved to buy a disc of this game. 


I want this game on psp


Хочу такую игру на PSP 

Thank you.

This will be included in a future Let's Play marathon.

No lie I saw other youtubers playing this Dead Space Remake game and I was like I gotta try this game its looks fire



After going pretty damn far into the game, it's had this issue where it suddenly freezes and crashes without explanation and ruins all the progress, did it to me twice, maybe something to do with the UE5 you're using? Will you implement some kind of quick save feature? or limited saves? Overall, it looks very good and makes me want more demakes on this platform, fits the PS1 aesthetic well and is paced as such.

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Really enjoyed it! Nice job. I suggest implementing some sort of internal frame cap. High FPS makes the controls randomly unresponsive.

For now, players can cap the framerate at 60 with an external program like nvidia control panel.


this was freaking amazing i really enjoyed dead space demake. iam looking forward for more demakes. 

I come back after a day and a new one appears out of nowhere? Bruh coming through with the game lmaooo, More devs need to come out of hiding, i'll play their stuff definitely.

Movement controls aren't work when FPS is high. Lock on 120 seems to be enough for normal working.


Impressive game. 


I have to say, I'm thoroughly impressed with this demake. The attention to detail is remarkable and the gameplay feels just like the original. I'd love to see a full game like this in the future. Great job!
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Es un buen juego, muy bien optimizado, yo quiero que te suscribas a mi canal de Youtube y me apoyes, un saludo amigo...

It is a good game, very well optimized, I want you to subscribe to my YouTube channel and support me, greetings friend...

make us 8-bits. Isaac! - Nicole deadass Marker spirit

gonna post the video on this ... without a silly scary face as Klingons dont scare easy

Deleted post

Semplicemente meraviglioso!!! Complimenti 👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️

graphics could be better lol    yeah like this demake 


great jobs :D


Absolutely incredible! This was so cool to see what Dead Space would look like as a PS1 game! If you were to continue on it (which I hope so!) I would say to implement the stomp mechanic! My only complaint is how short it was ;) DEFINITE 5 OUT OF 5 that everybody NEEDS to play! 

Seems pretty cool, I think you did a great job at translating the look and feel to PS1 style graphics. But it's really hard for me to play because movement inputs seem weirdly unresponsive. Sometimes I'll press a direction and it'll take more than a full second for Isaac to decide he feels like walking. Not sure if this is just a bug on my end.


similar for me , i couldnt move at all , the other buttons on my controller were workin just fine  but not the left stick for some reason

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Having the same issue, I can't move with gamepad or keyboard 😢

Having the same movement issue. Just stuck in the elevator forever, with gamepad and keyboard movement controls being unresponsive. Based on some videos I'm seeing, maybe some audio was supposed to trigger? On my machine it's not triggering, so if you're waiting to unlock movement when it completes, that's likely the issue.

I was one of the level designers on Dead Space back in 2009. Glad you liked it enough to build this!

Really cool Demake. I played the original maybe 2 or so years ago but your Demake still managed to scare me lol.

The overall aesthetic looks incredible as well. The necromorphs still look as scary as ever

I even tried stomping the necromorphs out of habit lol. Was a bit sad that you couldn't melee but I'm honestly not complaining, you did an absolutely amazing job on this.

I don't know what it is, but having those cutscenes play by themselves instead of on Isaac's monitor makes them more scary lol

Great game!

When I pick up the item in front of the broken door (which opens and closes), the item is not in my inventory?


Yeah that's just the pick up for the stasis module. It won't be in your inventory but you can use it to slow things down with Q or the left face button on gamepad.

let's gooo

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